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Two Free Videos to Get You Motivated


Let's be honest: We all need a little motivation once in a while. As much as we love going out and taking pictures, sometimes the going out part can be a bit difficult. So I'd like to share with you two free analog photography videos in hopes they will inspire you to get off the couch and go shoot some film! So without further ado...

1. Into the Belly of the Beast by Rob Norton

The first video to get you off the couch (after you finish the video, of course) is Into the Belly of the Beast by director Rob Norton. This 15-minute video follows street photographer Markus Andersen through the streets of Sydney, Australia and gives you behind the scenes footage of how Andersen makes his beautiful light-popping, feast-for-the-eyes, can't-stop-wishing-I-lived-in-Australia images.

While Andersen's methods of shooting in this video focus primarily around analog photography, this video is sure to give even the most anti-film photographers a nice kick of inspiration. And if you aren't inspired by Andersen's work, then there's still a good chance you'll be inspired by Norton's beautifully executed cinematography. It is a must-watch for any photographer, but especially for street photographers and even more especially for analog street photographers.

2. One Roll of Film by 120 Love

The second video I want to share with you today is a video appropriately titled One Roll of Film. This video follows four Tokyo-based photographers - Mattias Westfalk, Paul Del Rosario, Bahagski, and Yoshiki Suzuki - around (you guessed it) Tokyo. However, the catch is that each photographer has one day to shoot only one roll of 120 film (12 exposures) with a Hasselblad medium format camera.

You get to watch each photographer come up with a story or plan for their one roll of film. And because they only have 12 frames, they are forced to really slow down and think about each image they make. Plus the competition of four photographers going head to head adds another interesting dynamic to the situation. Overall, this 18-minute video is really fun and entertaining to watch, and I wish there were more like it somewhere out there.

All right everybody, I hope these two videos were fun to watch and I hope they motivated you to get out there and shoot. They only comprise roughly 30 minutes combined, but I guarantee you'll watch at least one of them more than once. If you've already seen them, I recommend watching them again. I watched each video for the first time about a year ago, and I still find them so entertaining that I wanted to share them with you. If you know of any others, please share the wealth! I'd love to hear them!

Happy shooting,